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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was a great experience!
It was a chaotic night where all people who love the fashion world were invited with famous designers and stylists for a night out.
During the nigh Rome’s best shops in the city centre were open to sell products made especially for the occasion and many places offered a buffet and cocktail.

Here are some pictures of expensive brand shops open for the occasion and streets decorated with balloons, candles and red carpets.

  (via Margutta)
 The long long long queue to enter to Chanel's shop!

I took part in the event and I took many photographs of people who stood out with their style.

These two guys had a nice style. I really liked the Dolce & Gabbana shoes of the one on the left and the Stella McCarteney foulard of the other one!
The person that caught my attention in this group of five was the second from the left. He had this black t-shirt with grey pins all over it! awesome! 

Twopictures of real fashionistas!

  Love boys who wear papillons! even better that this one had dots on it!
These group of people is probably my favourite one. The girl with the blonde hair even more beautiful in real life, the guy with the pochette was great for all the details (bracelets, pochette, vintage jacket..) and the guy on the far right.. well I just loved his shoes with the crown print on them! very fashion!   Vintage jacket, many bracelets, old pochette--GREAT!

Very funny dress!
Okay so here is one of my favourite photos of all the people I photographed. This girl had this wonderful semi-transparent long sjirt with two vertical cuts that showed her legs. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!
   These two women are very famous in Italy. The one who is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana top(the one with the stars) is Mara Venier.

  I really liked this girl that wore this sparkling jacket. You could have noticed her waliking in a street full of people becasue of her (great) jacket!

I saw this woman while she was talking to a man and she caught my attention for her style. She was wearing the VFNO t-shirt, and a black long skirt. I like her hair and her attention to details (necklace and earring made of pearls..very chic!)

A colourful group of young fellas!
  Oh, these two women were wonderful. I saw them while walking in Via Margutta and they were just laughing and walking when I stopped them to ask them a picture and they were very nice to me. I really like the dotted dress and the way the  white scarf was hanging from the woman. I also like how the other woman would wear a completly white outfit- it is really difficult to wear white outfits and to look good in them! My compliments to these two women for their great style! I like them both!
Yes! Lauduree Macarons were given FREE in some shops (yummy) !!!

Now some pictures of models hired to stand in front of the shops!
   Max Mara showed off all the covers the Vogue Italia published with models in the cover wearing Max Mara's outfits.
Damiano Marini VFNO t-shirt.
I apologize for the quality of the pictures. My flash doesn’t seem to be very strong, but I can assure you that all these people looked great and that these pictures don’t do them justice.

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