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Fashion muse: Carine Roitfeld

Here is a very short resume of Carine’s life.
Carine Roitfeld was born on the 19th of September  1954 in Paris, France.
At the age of 18 she began modelling, having been scouted on the street in Paris by a British photographer's assistant.
She worked as a stylist for the magazine French ELLE for fifteen years until she met Mario Testino (photographer).   They started to work together doing advertising work as well as shoots for the American and French Vogue magazines.
She has worked as a consultant and a muse for Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent.
She became the Editor-in-Chief of the  French Vogue magazine in 2001 until she resigned 10 years later.

She is famous for her poker-straight hair that mysteriously covers a little bit of her face, hooded eyes, bare legs and spike heels.

Vogue said about her that:
She has made Paris Vogue  a fashion bible.

“Her presence ,at the show of an unknown designer, is enough to start a career..”
“Roitfeld's look is fierce, daring and far racier than you might expect from a 56-year-old. Her look is so distinctive that the "Paris Vogue look" became a recognised trend in itself – something to which none of the other international Vogue's editors could lay claim.” (quotations from the Guardian)

    some of the most famous covers during her role as editor at Vogue Paris.

This woman has inspired a lot of people and in fact, there is an entire blog dedicated to her and her family. ( Here is a picture of Julia, her daughter and herself.

In October  2011 a book about Carine’s life will be published by Rizzoli.

Personally, I find Carine a font of inspiration, a “fashion muse” - not for her choice in clothing but because her style is very chic, elegant and yet, young.   Carine is beautiful in her own unique way.

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