sabato 3 settembre 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

This is the cover of the scarp book.  

To start with something inspiring, I began the scrap book with the three prints “en vogue”.
Dolce and Gabbana proposed these prints on their catwalk.
Stars are great for a night event or as accessories.
Random letters are suitable for young people, to look more colorful and to catch the eye.
Musical notes instead are great for an artistic person. This last print is the one that inspires me most. It looks very chic but also modern. Great credit due to D&G!

Flower prints are still in season, but this time they must be winter flowers- this is very important.
You might think of wearing your spring/summer  flower prints, but that would just not be “à la mode”. WINTER flowers are what you need.


A new trend of this season is the knitted sweater- many women dislike it because it makes them look like their wearing their grandmother’s jumper, and because it does not make them feel sexy.  So the best thing to do is to wear it without thinking “I want to hide my body”, but thinking “I feel my best”!


Tartan is en vogue again. Many designers have published shooting with red outfits or at least very coloured ones. Get inspired by Burberry, Mulberry and Chanel who are the most famous brands for this style.


Of course the “normal” tartan I still in fashion. Because it is an easy style to create, focus on the accessories. Stylists have made models wear these outfits with reptile, flower and leopard trimmings. Just choose which you prefer!

Reptile patterns have been seen on many catwalks for the autumn season. Even though it used to be a “suitable for mature people only” , in my opinion, designers have proved me wrong! In this picture there are only young models and they look great in these outfits! (I love Chloe’s campaign and the model on the far right of the picture also).


Masculine is one of the key words of this A/W collection. Dolce and Gabbana have published many ads in which women wear –what seems like- men’s clothes. But two thing are very important:
1.       1. These are not men’s clothes, designers make women clothes that LOOK like men’s clothes, but they are specifically for women. The blouse is made differently from a men’s one because around the waist is cut differently to emphatize the shape of a women’s body.
2.      2.   Little details. One the right of the picture you can see that two models are wearing sequined pants (paillettes pants). This is to give a “twist” to a style that might look too much serious. Stars or musical notes are seen again as details to give a twist also.
Louis Vuitton has chosen this style too.


Baroque prints are a new trend. The main colours of this style are dark red, gold, black and white. You can either look quite rock and roll or vintage in this style.

Even though sequins are always in fashion, this time they have a special spot in this collection; D&G, Chanel and Sportmax are the brands that proposed this style, great job!

Prada has brought in the fish scale look.
It is a look that gives a strong effect so go easy on the accessories. 

  This style is driving me..dotty! seriously, I absolutely love Stella Mc Cartney’s A/W collection. Dots have never been so sexy. Of course half of the effect is due to the beautiful body of them models, but the designer had a great idea. In the other picture you can see that I’ve put the coloured dots, proposed by Marc Jacobs.
Coats are in fashion. They must be: long, with big buttons and of a simple cut. They have big shoulders and are very “ sober”.

Faux fur is very in fashion. It must be coloured (eg: pink, purple or green).

Many designers have shown shiny jackets or clothes in their collection. This is a look for grownups.


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