domenica 23 gennaio 2011

How magic Rome is!

Now open your eyes and start dreaming because this is ROME!

martedì 11 gennaio 2011

Pizzica: a folk dance from the south of Italy

Did you think that italy was just Rome, Venice and Florence? Just Colosseum, piazza San Marco and Ponte Vecchio? Oh no! Our country is full of beautiful places and we have a lot of ancient traditions.

I'm going to show you about a dance of a nice area of the south of Italy, which is called Pizzica. The area from which it came is Puglia. It has very old origins and it was used to be danced in couple, by the peasants while working in the fields, especially during grape picking season.
It is a wooing dance: the women wave a neckerchief, a symbol of love, to invite her man to dance around her and to court her. The women wears long skirt which moves during the dance, danced on the floor with naked feet. Women's arms are almost always closed, even crossed behind the back, and they are only used to keep the skirt and to vawe it. The man has to demonstrate his virility so his movements are faster and he tries to sorrounder the women with his arms.
 It's all a game of seduction and engaging gazes and smiles are the most seductive arm.

Here is a video I took this summer of a young girl dancing Pizzica. Enjoy it :-)

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

Beauty trends 2010

Beauty Trends 2010
We have created this book of the main trends throughout the year 2010.

The photos have all been taken from magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Kiss.

The first thing we did was decide what the categories were so we laid all the magazine cuttings out on the table.

Throughout 2010 we noticed  brown was the most used colour.

Leather bags and wool jackets were to be seen everywhere.

“Nerd” and “Geek” were no longer insults.

Louis Vuitton created a trend all on  its own. Long skirts and big hairbands were the rage.

Playsuits were back in fashion as were striped t-shirts and plain hats(as in the right page of the photo)

Nude was the order of the day.

This didn’t mean using no make-up but meant having a perfect, shiny skin looking healthy and radiant.

This was achieved by using cover stick, foundation and brown mascara.

venerdì 7 gennaio 2011

Under the sky of Rome

Have you always dreamed to be in Rome?
This video I made with a friend will show you how amazing our town is. Enjoy it!