mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Some great pictures made by some great Fashion Stylists

Here are some pictures, taken from the Fashion world that inspire me very much.

This first group shows that if a picture is taken while the model is moving it makes the clothes look more interesting. The movement can sometimes show off hidden details of the clothing which in a still pose may go unnoticed.

The second group gathers together all those pictures that demonstrate how the posture of the model (especially the position of the hands) can create a beautiful image.

This last collection explains that the interaction with the surroundings in the scene gives a more natural look to the picture.

sabato 24 settembre 2011

Aurora Sansone

Aurora Sansone is a fashion editor and stylist for Vogue Nippon.

I first saw her on an episode on the MTV programme called "Il testimone".

In this episode, the narrator is following the model Bianca Balti to make a documentary about her life as a model. During the documentary, Bianca has a shooting for Vogue Nippon and her stylist is Aurora Sansone. She seemed very professional and very nice, explaining what her job tasks are and how to become a model.

I admire her because she isn't famous for her body but due the fact that she has worked hard and with a lot of passion to get the job that she has now, and I think that this very admirable.

The fashion world is very cruel and hard, and she is in it because of her passion and hard work.

Here are some pictures of her.


Her best friends and co-workers are Viviana Volpicelli, stylist like her, and Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Nippons's director.


As you can see she has a great style! She looks very sober, sometimes casual other times chic. She always wears something in her outfits that will catch your attention.

She isn't a woman who wants to look younger than she is, and I think this is very important. In the fashion world, time can be devastating because your body starts to show sign of age, but Aurora faces this problem by dressing with very classic looks but with great style.
I find her elegant but not in an austere way but because her look is balanced. The coat, for example is black,  the cut is rigid and the blue details (the line, the buttons) show that she doesn’t follow fashion rules and shows that she doesn’t want to be elegant in a classical and anonymous way but in her own unique way.