mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Summer trends 2011 (Part 2)


The title of this shooting is “Flourescent chic”. The main characteristic of this style is silk. Clothes must be of a pastel color. The hair is tied up but messy in a chic way. Eyes seem without make up whereas the lips take all the attention, looking warm.


White is always a popular color that everyone wears during summer because it goes very well with your tan, and is very chic also.
The materials have to be very light; you must look fresh in them.


Net and knitted garments were in vogue this summer on the beaches. It’s a romantic look, but be careful that it’s see true!

I have got five words for these pictures: Romantic, Haute Couture & night. 
Do I need to add anything else?


It’s summer and by night the best outfit to wear is a short-colored dress (better if with sequins). For a more “romantic look” follow the style of the lower images. Light colors and feathers in flower shapes.

Summer trends 2011

I made a scarpbook of this summer’s trends.
Here are the pictures-I hope you’ll like them!

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“Pink is the new black”
Is the title I would give to these pictures.
This summer a lot of magazines published shots with models wearing only pink clothes.
As you can see, all the models here look like Barbie!
The are no women with dark hair.
This might probably means that pink  suits especially blondes.

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Summer = Swimsuits, of course.
And the best swimsuits this summer were the colored ones- from bright yellow to range or green.
Also the accessories and the trimmings had to stand out.
Even though not too many accessories should be worn on the beach, and the few you do wear (eg. Sun glasses, watches and nail polish) should be fluorescent.

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According to the “mood” of the above picture, in the city the “in” colors were bright also- from a yellow that becomes light green to a different nuance of purple. And, why not mix different colors in one outfit, like Jim Sandler did?

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A “must have” of this summer was the jumpsuit or/and a very long skirt.
A long skirt is actually very nice when you are visiting a new city, to feel in a “touristic mood”.
And a jumpsuit by night is very elegant if worn with very high heels or jeweled sandals. Don’t ever forget a belt around your waist for your jumpsuit, to empathize the length of your legs!

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As we saw in spring, also in summer the floral prints are everywhere.
If you wear flowers in your hair it will give you a hippie look but also a very romantic look.
Mu suggestion to young people is to wear either a short dress or a very long one with flower prints.
Never a medium length one or you will look like your grandama!