mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Shy&V say you Welcome!

Hi guys!
We have just created this new blog after talking awhile about it at school.
We decided to call it FOURSEASONSPIZZA because we are italian and we LOVE pizza. Anyhow this is not a common pizza, but a very special one. It's a fourseasons pizza!
Do you know why is it special? Because it has 4 differents tastes, as the topics we are going to talk about :

  • food (you are gonna die for italian food)
  • fashion (there's so much style here in Italy)
  • culture (literature, movies, museums.. exc)
  • Rome (out beautiful city!)
We'll soon make a presentation of us so to let our readers know who we are.
For the moment we can say we are two 17 years old students living in Rome who share many passions.
We'll write the back soon!

 P.s.: Here is an italian song called "L'amore verrà" (Love will come).
We really wish to all of you to receive all the love in this amazing Christmas time :-)