mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Summer trends 2011 (Part 2)


The title of this shooting is “Flourescent chic”. The main characteristic of this style is silk. Clothes must be of a pastel color. The hair is tied up but messy in a chic way. Eyes seem without make up whereas the lips take all the attention, looking warm.


White is always a popular color that everyone wears during summer because it goes very well with your tan, and is very chic also.
The materials have to be very light; you must look fresh in them.


Net and knitted garments were in vogue this summer on the beaches. It’s a romantic look, but be careful that it’s see true!

I have got five words for these pictures: Romantic, Haute Couture & night. 
Do I need to add anything else?


It’s summer and by night the best outfit to wear is a short-colored dress (better if with sequins). For a more “romantic look” follow the style of the lower images. Light colors and feathers in flower shapes.

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