venerdì 25 febbraio 2011

Beauty trends Spring 2011

Spring is near and so we have decided to post another article about fashion.

Pink and skin colours are still in vogue. Perfect for this season because the colours are bright but calming.

“Wild colours” is the key words for this season. Ethnic, wild animal prints and shiny colours are the main theme. No more black or dark blue. No more red or purple.  Green, orange metallic blue are “a must”.

To assert  this idea the brand Gucci created many outfits matching colours like orange-violet, green with gold. Solours are strong and shiny.

Because of this extravagance another new trend are the long flowing dresses. Many of them hide all the female shapes except for the neck. These dresses have a very low neckline to give the impression that the dress is falling on the body just to cover it.    It’s a very casual look.

Stripes are still on track. In spring striped look good on a t-shirt or on a bag. It’s not summer yet so no striped trousers or flats(shoes).

Brown is the colour of the autumn-winter that has passed. It gets darker in these days and it rains a  lot so colours like caramel, leather and especially Khaki are the best choice.

In the last fashion show all Burberry’s models had a biker look. A Burberry black leather jacket and a pair of black Chanel boots (left photo) are two MUST HAVES.  As you can see the photos, hair has to be either very cropped and short or long and messy. Never tied up, no accessories on hair. Hats are in.

“À la Garçonne” in another theme of this spring’s fashion. White and black are the colours you may choose and of course the style has to be masculine but sexy.

For those who didn’t like these last  two images (the garçonne and motobiker look) there is an array of grey outfits which are very pale colours almost like Greek goddesses  on earth. Lace skirts, pearls and discreet accessories create this look. The hair is important. To not look  like a princess but to look prettier but casual do not add any accessories on your hair but just leave it loose (but do comb it!)

To go to a night party for example, S. Valentine’s day red is the obvious choice.

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